Actor & Screenwriter


Andreas Andersson was born in January 3rd 1987 in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Now living in Stockholm)


Ever since Andreas was younger he had great passion for movies. He grew up watching his biggest idols on screen. Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and ofcourse Jean-Claude Van Damme.

They all inspired him, both in training and writing action scripts.


In 2012 Andreas got so tired of his ordinary work so he drove over 700 miles for an audition and got the part as the villain in the Swedish movie "Black King".

One year later he starred as the lead role in another Swedish movie called  "Not like in movies" which he also CO-wrote together with his colleague Peter Pettersson.


Ever since then he started writing movies for real. He and Peter has written three feature scripts together and are currently working on a tv series about the Swedish Queen Kristina of year 1600. He is currently finishing his very own script called To Die For. A dark action/drama about a man who travels back home from his last mission abroad to witness the murder of his wife and youngest son.

Black King

Every move is like a choice in life, if it gets wrong, it is not always possible to correct it

Fight scene

Not like in movies

Jens(Richard) is a normal 16 year old boy. Torn between the paths of his older criminal brother(Andreas) Money,Power and Fame. And Emma(Sasha) the love of his life, who just wants him to do right by himself and live a simple normal life.

Fight scene