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To DIE for

Genre: Action/Drama



A man back from his last mission abroad witnesses the murder of his wife and youngest son. After months of depression he has to pick himself up to save what's left of his family.



Michael, a “special” business man out on his last mission on a train to Cape Town. Knowing he’s getting to old for this kind of work he still have to retrieve secret files from a weapons buyer and his men before reaching the final destination. Michael’s plan is to retire and go back to US to spend more time with his family. When he returns to meet his wife and youngest son in the city they become victims of a massive attack, right in front of him. Michael panics, trying everything to save them but it’s too late. Michael buries himself in sorrows. After months of drinking and depression he has to pick himself up to try to save what’s left of his family. His elder son Nicholas took the depression differently. He has a girlfriend and a kid on the way but still running the streets at night getting deeper and deeper into the gambling world. The debts are growing every night. Nicholas finally screws over the wrong person and now owes money to one of the biggest drug lords in the US. Nicholas gets taken away and Michael has to come up with the ransom money. Michael already feels that he lost everything so there are no limits, laws or rules that can stop him from getting his son back. Using his special skills and connections he’s off for one last ride to end it all.

This is Fear

Genre: Horror



A ten year old child joins his friends family at their cabin during the summer. When he gets back home nothing is quite the same.




Sarah lives alone with her 10-year-old son Sam. She runs a brokerage firm and works both nights and weekends. Sarah is on the edge of a burnout and she constantly feel that she is a bad mother because she can’t find time for Sam. To calm her conscience, she decides to let Sam spend his spring break at his friend’s summer cabin together with his family. One day when Sam and Alex are out playing, Alex shows him an old abandoned house far in the woods. Alex tells stories about the house and that its haunted. Few days after the visit at the abandoned house Sarah gets a call that Sam wants to go back home. He’s starting to have nightmares. When Sam’s back home  again it doesn’t take many nights before the nightmares are back and they are only getting more and more frightening. Sarah starts to worry, she’s tired and very irritable. She decides to visit a doctor to figure out what the problem may be. Sarah’s doctor advises her to take her son and travel up north for a while. Treat herself with a vacation to rest and not work for a while. Not only for her own sake but for Sam’s as well. Sarah agrees. Alex mother advises her of a cozy house near their cabin. Sarah rents the house that lies right at the lake next to an abandoned village. At first it’s all good and quiet. Sarah manages to relax and enjoys the fresh air and long walks. But at night, she sits with her laptop and works. Sam on the other hand can’t relax. He’s still tormented by his nightmares. Sam starts talking about his new friend Olivia. At first Sarah is happy that he has such a vivid imagination. But when he can no longer sleep at nights, refusing to eat, becoming paler and just want to go out with Olivia. Sarah starts to get more and more worried. She asks her boyfriend Stephan to move up to the cabin. When Stephan arrives it all seem to stop and Sam regains his energy again. One evening Anna comes by; she is the owner of the house. She tells them that many years ago there was an orphanage on the other side of the lake. Sarah decides to take a closer look at the abandoned house. She does so, the house is dilapidated. Sarah finds an old picture of two women and nine children. One of the women on the picture looks familiar, but she can’t figure out who. On the same night she dreams nightmares. The days goes by and the nightmares are only getting worse by the day. Sarah begins to see visions and wonders if she’s driving insane. She calls her doctor and he tells her that she’s burned out and may be confused. He advises her to turn of the computer and cellphone and certainly don’t work more on the vacation. Sarah agrees, but the visions are gets worse and she starts to hear an old lady’s voice shouting her name. One night she wakes up hysterically. She gets the feeling that she’s not alone in the room. Sarah gets up to turn the lights on, she walks to the mirror and looks at herself, her eyes are blood red and she’s all wet from the sweat. Suddenly she hears a creaking noise. She turns around and finds small wet footsteps on the stairs. Sarah’s not sure if she’s crazy or if its real and that someone or something wants to connect with her and Sam.


The Evil Inside Us

Genre: Crime/Drama





A Story about Andreas who, after a rough childhood, starts to work together with the Russian/east German mafia. Along the storyline he becomes more and more involved by the leader of the mafia; Ivan. Ivan has his aim on taking over the Swedish underworld together with his brother Viktor, who is the leader of an established criminal motorcycle club. He will not let anything stop him. Andreas meets by chance Nathalie who lives together with a brutal and violent man. Andreas and Nathalie initiates a love relationship which, from many angles, will face obvious problems. At the same time we will get to follow Policeman Larsson who is working on arresting a serial killer who is active in the suburbs of Stockholm. When Larsson receives the mission, by the Swedish Attorney General, to make away with the mafia he does not hesitate, and the consequences are brutal. In the footsteps of the serial killer Andreas’ and Larsson’s roads are crossed and they decide to cooperate against the evil that is growing in the Stockholm underworld. Larsson is also desperately trying to regain his criminal daughters respect and trust parallel to that he lives by the perception of “Shoot first, ask questions later”. In the phase of more committed murders, more secrets on higher levels of the society are revealed – Who is good and who is Evil? Or is there evil inside us all?